E E O Counselors

Protect your staff, managers and agency reputation. Let our experts assist your team with the timely processing of EEO complaints.

Mediations & Facilitations 

We are ready to assist your organization enjoy the powerful benefits of our nationwide Mediation & Facilitation program.

Beacon Group stands ready to bring our proven capabilities in providing expert, well-respected industry professionals for your agency’s Civil Rights, EEO, Special Emphasis, Diversity, Training, Recruiting, Communications and Public Relations programs.

Our EEO services help government agencies target areas where grievances originate, mediate current EEO grievances and provide assistance to prevent future grievances. We bring proven technical EEO expertise, industry certifications, financial strength, management know-how and a unique ability to partner with our Federal Agency clients and other vendors to solve complex requirements. 

EEO & Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs

EEO Formal Specialist
EEO Informal Specialist
EEO Certified Counselors
Certified Mediators

Our management and associates possess certification and training as EEO counselors, specialists, advisors, and mediators, and include retired and former agency EEO program managers as well as a cadre of licensed attorneys whom are EEO practitioners.  Collectively and individually, we are intimately familiar with the competencies required for execution of EEO complaints processing. 

Core competencies include

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Special Emphasis & Workplace Diversity

Harness the benefits that a diverse workforce brings to your worksite.

Management Directive 110

Religious Accommodation

Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990

Civil Rights Act of 1991

Executive Orders 11478, 13087, and 13152

29 CFR 1614

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
Equal Pay Act of 1963
Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967
Sections 501 and 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

Special Emphasis Programs

E T R A C Program Mgmt

Cloud Based Reporting and QA tools provide you with realtime status updates and trend analysis.

  • Certified Facilitators
  • Religious Accommodation Trainers
  • Persons with Disabilities Specialist
  • Special Emphasis Program Trainers
  • Diversity Awareness Trainers
  • Document Control Librarians
  • 715 and No FEAR Report Specialist
  • Sexual Harassment Trainers

E E O and Nationwide ADR and Mediation Panels

E  T  R  A  Q  S

Cloud Based Data Management

Beacon Group’s proprietary ETRAQS (Electronic Tracking and Quality management System) facilitates our clients with secure, up-to-the minute-view into the status of cases, as well as a full suite of customizable data reporting and graphics tools. These tools provide our clients with unparralled ability to drill deep down into case information,  develop a detailed analysis of individual cases and reveal short, medium and long-term trends.

Advisory services to agency management
Draft Federal Agency Annual Equal Employment Opportunity Status Reports under MD 715
Prepare Notification and Federal Employee Anti-discrimination and Retaliation Act (No FEAR Act) reports

Final Agency Decisions

FAD reports, on time and on-point.

Beacon Group provides Mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Counselors and facilitator professionals trained in attempting resolution of discrimination allegations throughout all 50 states, U.S. Territories and Commonwealths. Our cadre of over 100 certified mediators offer a full array of  mediation and ADR services to support agencies ADR and EEO programs, including program administration, data collection, back-office support, data analysis and reporting assistance. 

Beacon Group provides Mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Ombudsman, Facilitation and Conflict Management services to Federal, State, Local agencies and the private sector for many types of issues such as workplace, employment, business, housing, family and other civil matters. 

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